Skal du til middelhavet i båd, så læs seneste om taxes

Dansk Sejlunion er medlem European Boating Association, EBA, og der fra er netop kommet følgende omkring flere landes planer om at pålægge/forhøje afgifter på både. Såvel egne som gæstende.

Dear EBA FriendsWe are currently aware of information on two taxes which may be of interest to you.

Greece – A tax on boating in Greece has been a possibility for a number of years, however recent communications indicate that it is increasingly likely that this tax will come to fruition in 2018. In very basic terms this tax will see owners that keep their boats in Greece paying an amount based on the length of the boat which for a 7 – 8 metre boat is likely to be around €16 per month increasing to €8 per metre per month for boats of more than 12 metres in length (although discounts may be available).

Croatia – A significant increase to the Croatian Sojourn tax is planned for 2018 which will in the worst cases will increase by over 400% for an annual payment. The Sojourn Tax is payable by all boaters in Croatia and was last set in 2013 when Croatia acceded to the EU.

Additionally we are aware of this article which has a similar theme

The purpose of this email is to ensure that all EBA members are aware of these developments and to requested that you pass any relevant information to the Secretariat.


Som det fremgår er specielt Grækenland ved at kunne blive ganske dyrt at være bådejer i – eller gæste.

Henrik P

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